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Choosing a Company Outing (That Your Company Wants to Go To)

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Every year hundreds of companies set aside a day or weekend for their employees to get out of the office to have some fun. While on the surface this shows a company that cares about their employees there’s one big issue – many of these employees would rather be home than out on a company retreat.

Unfortunately, many company retreats are boring, old-fashioned, or only cater to a few employees out of many. How do you avoid these pitfalls and schedule an outing your employees want to take part in?

3 Tips for Choosing a Company Outing

Adults Like Adult Activities

Many company outings suffer from outdatedness bordering on childishness. A bowling alley is fun and so is a ropes course, but adults like to let loose with fun adult activities. Instead of a boring hike around the local landscape that everyone’s already been on, how about renting out the local paintball facility? How about going to a movie theater where you’re allowed to socialize and drink? What about a brewery tour? Book outings for adults that appeal to adults.

To Drink or Not to Drink

Many adult activities involve alcohol, and that’s great if you know your company and its employees like to enjoy adult beverages. Choosing whether alcohol is involved in your adventure is a critical one, but you can use the next step to help you out.

Consulting the Company

You know who knows what your company’s employees want to do for an outing? Your company’s employees. Don’t draw up any adventures or excursions on your own – consult them. Allow employees to put in ideas and hold a vote to help determine what type of activity you’ll enjoy. This also demonstrates to your employees that you listen and genuinely want them to have fun.

Your goal is to have faces light up when you announce a company outing instead of everyone looking at their phones and telling you, “they have a thing that day.” When booking a company outing keep in mind that adults like to do adult things (like a drink) and consulting the ones who’ll be participating is the easiest way to choose a fun outing. Try different outings throughout the year to hone in on your employees’ favorites. The right company outing and team building activities help all teams work better together.

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