The Unsinkable Gary Godfrey – Turning Lemons Into Lemonade

The Unsinkable Gary Godfrey – Turning Lemons Into Lemonade

Gary Godfrey
This is what was left from the 2013 Glen Haven flood that destroyed Gary's home, and business.

This morning, Search Castle Rock Magazine posted a photo contest on their Facebook page.


We need your help to choose the cover of our August issue of Search Castle Rock Magazine. Here are some incredible photos that our readers submitted and we can’t decide! So we need your help. Cast your vote by “liking” your favorite photo below. Which ever one has the most likes by 5pm on Thur July 27 will be the winner and will be the cover of our August issue.

There were 3 photos selected. One of them the photos was from the up & coming landscape photographer, Gary Godfrey.

I met Gary several years ago. I posted a few of his pictures on the CRCO Facebook page, and to show how much he appreciated it, he hand delivered a hand painting and canvass photograph he had taken of Castle Rock. This is how Gary rolls, he’s a very grateful person.

Over the next year, Gary and I would meet regularly for coffee to talk about life. That’s when I learned something personal about him. In 2010, Gary was diagnosed kidney disease. Several years went by, and a donor had not yet been matched. It wasn’t until 3 painstaking years later that Gary, fortunately, received his transplant.

3 weeks prior to his surgery, the unthinkable happened. Gary’s life was in the blink of an eye, turned upside down.

“In one night, a wall of water destroyed the heart of this century-old village.” —

One of the largest floods in Colorado history took everything from Gary. His home, his business, and almost – his life.

Gary and I immediately hit it off. We both had near death experiences, it’s something that, if you don’t experience that, you won’t ‘get it.’

Gary’s passion grew from creating custom, handmade jewelry to landscape and portrait photography. He’s not only a talented and passionate photographer, he’s an incredible person to know and wouldn’t think twice to give you the shirt off his back.

When I heard that Gary had the opportunity to have his work featured on the cover of a local magazine, I was thrilled. Of course, I set off to help promote his picture. The photo with the most ‘likes’ would be the cover page for Search Castle Rock Magazine.

Please help me to support Gary by throwing him a like, by clicking here.

Here are some other ways you can connect with Gary.


** DISCLAIMER ** Gary Godfrey sells his photos on which I own. Gary retains 100% of the profits from photos he sells there.


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