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Castle Rock Proud Weekly Business Blitz

Do you own a Castle Rock business and looking for a surge of new business? This is Castle Rock is launching a new business blitz marketing service that is available only for service industry businesses located in Castle Rock.

Our website, Castle Rock Colorado.org reaches anywhere from 10,000 to 30,000 monthly unique visitors and our Facebook page touches on average 17,000 Douglas County residents weekly.

How does the Castle Rock Proud Business Blitz Work?

This is Castle Rock will feature one business per week and will utilize our web site, Castle Rock Colorado.org and our Facebook page to boost a surge of awareness to your business during that week.

Currently, this service is only available to those in the service and retail industries.

The cost for the first month is $500. Of that budget, $250 will go towards promoting your event/service/special on our Facebook page which will deliver an estimated reach of 15,000 to 30,000 for your promotion alone.

During the blitz we’d ask that you provide us with an exclusive give-a-way and discount. For an example, if you’re a coffee shop you can provide the first ten drinks free to those who mention the blitz and everyone else 25% off. The purpose of this blitz is to drive awareness and new customers!

For more info, please contact Sean at [email protected].