Curiosity and a sweet tooth got the best of me the other day. So, I walked into the ‘New to Castle Rock’ shop, The Cake Company. What a delight! My eyes broke out into a sweat just seeing the selection of tasty treats. So, I grabbed me some ‘Cream-filled and Berry Topped Cupcakes’.

Meet Meghan Howard
The Cake Company!

In the recent past, Castle Rock held its annual ‘Star Lighting Event’. After the live-stream of the lighting, I decided to walk around Perry Street and take some photos of the Christmas lights. As I was walking along the sidewalk, a group of people were out front of a vacant shop offering samples. They were the owners of the coming business. They gave me a box of cupcakes. I took them home, and four cupcakes later I was hooked! I was in Cupcake Heaven!

Needless to say, I am writing this article as a dedication to my overwhelming joy of experiencing, not only great customer service from a family-owned shop, but the greatest cupcakes I have ever experienced, and its right here in Castle Rock!

You have to stop by and visit. You will not be sorry! The Cake Company is located on Perry Street next to Lost Coffee. The Cake Company experienced its ‘Grand Opening’ on Saturday January 16th.

The cake girls, Megan Howard and Jennifer Moore, have over 17 years combined experience working with cake and brides.


Article and Photos By: Gary Godfrey