A Meetup with Castle Rock Resident and Owner – Christine Ritenour. Thank You for Your Service!

One morning back in May, a friend reached out to tell me that I needed to connect with and visit Christine Ritenour and Matthew Leach, Managing Owners of the ‘Coming Soon’ Übergrippen Indoor Climbing Crag – Castle Rock! I did. The three of us met at the new under construction facility, and I must say, the size was impressive. With a required hard-hat on my head, I was given a most informative tour. I could easily visualize everything the two of them were describing of what is to come!

The Übergrippen Mission | Community · Experience · Climbing

To transform and enhance the lives of people of all ages and skill levels, from the first-time climbers to the seasoned experts, by enthusiastically sharing our passion for climbing and fitness.

Übergrippen opened its first facility in 2017 as a locally-owned small business created by Jake and Kim Crine. Many people assumed Übergrippen was a franchise or a chain business…During Jake and Kim’s pre-opening, Matthew Leach visited ÜG and loved exactly what they had built…Christine Ritenour was a Navy vet and had her own plans to build a bouldering gym in Castle Rock and had reached out to Jake for some friendly small-business advice without even knowing his expansion plans…See Full Story Here:

Recently, I paid my second visit meeting up with Christine at the facility. Construction had moved right along. The climbing walls were being installed; signage, event and exercise areas were taking shape. Christine was presented with the traditional ‘Welcome Basket’ as a new Ambassador of the Castle Rock Local Business Alliance. Photos were taken and now here is my article on this awesome occasion.

Despite the long negotiations to keep Übergrippen out of the warehouse areas and place it right in the middle of the Meadow’s Town Center of Castle Rock and the 8-month construction delay due to Covid-19, they finally got the construction rolling with plans to be open in September of 2021.

Christine Ritenour is the Managing Owner / Chief Operating Officer – Übergrippen Indoor Climbing Crag – Castle Rock – Follow the Progress!

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Article By: Gary Godfrey

Welcome Basket Provided By: Mercantile by Farmgirl Foods