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About us

CRCO was founded by Castle Rock residents, Sean & Adrian Hakes. 

It all started in 2013 when the Hakes family purchased local radio station, Castle Rock Radio where they hosted a show / podcast called ‘Explore Castle Rock,’ a journey to ‘get to know’ Castle Rock.

Shortly after the purchase of Castle Rock Radio, Sean and Adriana decided to close the doors after 6 months but continued their journey online.

This is how CastleRockCO.com was started.

CastleRockCO.com (CRCO) offers positive and inspiring local news and information about the wonderful Town of Castle Rock.

We like to promote positive things, that are beneficial to  the community of Castle Rock and surrounding areas.

We’re a self-funded volunteer based publication driven by individuals who enjoy telling stories, sharing local news and helping local businesses grow, and thrive.

Do you have a news tip? Email it to [email protected] 

CRCO reserves the right to not publish content we deem cynical, disparaging, hurtful, insulting, malicious or spiteful.