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Castle Rock Local Business Alliance – Apply Today!

Local Castle Rock Business Owner? Join the Fastest Growing Advocacy for Local Business Owners Today!

Alliance Ambassador Testimonials!

Justin Daigle – Attention To Detail Painters
“Joining the CRLBA has been a game changer for us. Not only has it generated $100K+ in revenue for us since we joined 3 months ago but it has really helped us be part of the small business community in Castle Rock. It is also a great group to both, throw ideas off one another and to refer jobs that are out of our scope of work!! Teamwork makes the Dream Work.”

Matt Thomson – Fathom Realty
“One of the most important parts about running a successful real estate business is having high quality partners in all areas of the home ownership industries. Being part of CRLBA has allowed me to refer several of my clients to painters, locksmiths, plumbers, etc. It has not turned into business yet for me, and I believe that that will come in time. Having reputable people to refer to only improves the level of service that I offer.”

Spencer Young – Angle32.com
“I reached out for help several times. It feels great knowing you have a team” 

Sachiko Reece – Kokoro Salon
“Mine is HUGE!!!! I had a teeny tiny event at the salon planned, that MAYBE 40 people might have showed up to…and that we would MAYBE have a raffle basket with 5 things donated to it. Talked to other local business owners, and now we were donated use of the Pavilion and have over 20 vendors and over 12 raffle baskets!!! This event seems like it’s going to be HUGE!!!! And all thanks to all the local businesses in the Alliance who contributed!!! LOVE YOU ALL!! THANK YOU!!!! Makes my heart so happy that everyone comes together like this to create something so wonderful.”

Justin Kada – Exclusive Events DJ
“Thanks to CRLBA my business Exclusive Events DJ booked a gig right away, with more to come. I really look forward to meeting all our local business ambassadors in the future. I am getting acquainted with what everyone has to offer so I can promote other ambassadors when the opportunity presents itself. My wife and I absolutely love Castle Rock and do what we can to help it continue to flourish.”


The Castle Rock Local Business Alliance (#CRLBA) membership is a collaborative effort between like-minded small business owners in Castle Rock, Colorado.

Our mission is to empower local businesses through education, marketing, public outreach, and advocacy.

The ‘Alliance’ is a grassroots effort designed to educate and inform consumers on the importance of shopping locally in addition to a resource and tool designed to help small businesses grow and thrive.

As Castle Rock continues to grow with more big-box corporate shops, it’s vital to the success of the small business environment to launch and engage with consumers in a meaningful way.

NOTE: All New Members (Ambassadors) receive a ‘Welcome Kit’ with all the information needed for your participation, along with all the benefits available.