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Sell Tickets with CRCO

Sell tickets to your Castle Rock event with CRCO and get access to industry low-fees backed by world class marketing at no additional cost!

Transaction Fees

Marketing Fee:
3.5% + $1.00 per ticket sold.

Transaction Fee:

When you sell tickets with CRCO we’ll promote your event on the official CRCO Facebook Page along with exclusive visibility on Castle Rock Talk, CRCO B/S/T, Castle Rock Food & Drink, featured event on CastleRockCO.com and more! That’s direct access to over 100K people per month.

How it works

What happens next?

When an event attendee purchases a ticket they automatically get emailed a printable, traceable ticket to present at your event. The ticket will also include a QR code that you can scan with our phone app to check in attendees.

CRCO will provide your team with daily updates on event ticket sales up to one week before your event starts.

Need more? CRCO offers full-service promotional services including planning, exclusive promotion and much more!

Call 303-731-6588 or email [email protected] to speak to one of our friendly staff members today!


Discounts available for non-profits, veteran, and first-responder owned businesses or promtoed events.