CRCO - Castle Rock, CO

The idea came about in 2013 when Sean Hakes purchased Castle Rock Radio, an online radio station located at 333 Perry Street. While Castle Rock Radio had all of the latest and greatest in broadcasting equipment, it was a venture that was ahead of its time. During their tenure as owners of Castle Rock Radio, Sean and Adriana Hakes launched “Explore Castle Rock,” a radio program where they interviewed local business owners, elected officials and told the stories of residents who had defeated the odds against them in a series of articles titled, “Inspiring Neighbor.”

While the online radio concept continued to struggle, the Hakes online blog, Explore Castle Rock, continued to thrive. That’s when the Hakes pulled the plug on the bleeding online radio station and refocused their efforts on Explore Castle Rock. 

Explore Castle Rock took off and later evolved into CRCO. Over the years, Hakes continued expanding its content, building out niche Facebook groups like Castle Rock Food & Drink, Castle Rock Talk, CRCO – Living & Loving Local, among others. 

“The mission for CRCO was to become the ultimate guide to Castle Rock,” said Hakes. “We’ve built out neighborhood guides, virtual tours and have curated millions of dollars in commerce through our various marketplaces,” he added. 

CRCO, expanded its reach to become the first provider in Castle Rock to offer live streaming starting with Starlighting in 2015.

Hakes passion for small business later led to the formation of the Castle Rock Local Business Alliance. Shortly after its start, Hakes brought on Gary Godfrey to help out with the promotional tasks and outreach. Gary quickly flourished in his new role, and his spirit for supporting locally owned businesses was unmatched. Observing his hard work, Hakes made the decision to gift the Local Business Alliance to Godfrey. 

After eight years of service to CRCO, the Hakes and AAERO Media Group have decided to list the CRCO assets for sale. The sale will include the brand,, and administrative takeover of Castle Rock Talk, Castle Rock Food & Drink, CRCO – Living & Loving Local, and the CRCO Facebook Page.

Additional assets are inactive but ready to go live at anytime. includes an online store, an Amazon-like vendor marketplace, online ticket sales, events calendar, and ‘Zillow’ like homes guide (requires RE license to populate). 

Interested parties can submit their offer to [email protected]

“We’ll be evaluating the best suitor for CRCO,” Hakes said. “We really want someone who is going to continue to be community focused and use CRCO to build up the businesses locally,” Hakes added. “This is the perfect turnkey business for someone looking to launch a successful news publication, magazine or even a guide for an actively engaged local real estate agent. CRCO by itself brings access to over 50,000 members & followers with a reach that has exceed several hundred thousand reached per week in active months,” he concluded.