At Baby Zoom Ultrasound here in Colorado Springs, we offer multiple methods to determine the gender of your baby. The most popular option in determining gender is obviously through ultrasound because parents love actually seeing their babies. There are multiple packages that we offer at Baby Zoom Ultrasound that include determining the gender of your baby. We can determine the gender of your baby as early as 13 weeks and a lot of doctors offices won’t determine the gender of your baby until your anatomy scan and that’s because, at your anatomy scan, there is more than likely, a zero chance of the gender being determined incorrectly.

We do it early so that you’re able to find out the gender earlier than 16-20 weeks. If the baby has their legs crossed or is in a weird position to where we cannot 100% tell you the gender correctly, we have you come back the following week for that free re-scan that is included in most of our packages! So ultrasound is the best and most popular way to determine the gender of your baby here at Baby Zoom Ultrasound, but we also offer one other option.

Baby Zoom Ultrasound is one of the only offices in Colorado Springs that also offers a DNA blood test to determine the gender of your baby! We offer that option as early as 8 weeks! You can schedule an appointment to come in and a licensed phlebotomist will draw your blood here in our office and send it off to the lab that same day where they can determine the gender of your baby. This blood test does not include any genetics testing like your doctor will offer, just the gender.

This test is 99.6% accurate so if you’re really wanting to know the gender earlier on in your pregnancy, you can come into Baby Zoom Ultrasound and get this DNA test done! You can get these results in 1-2 business days depending on which package you choose. This is for all of those impatient parents (most of us) who possibly are having a gender reveal party! We have an option where you can get your results overnight or we have an option where you can get your results within two business days so either way, you’re going to get the results much sooner then if you were waiting for that anatomy scan!

What’s the difference between scans?

We get so many clients that ask “what is the difference?” Before scheduling their appointments. Well, I’m here to explain why Baby Zoom Ultrasound offers all three and what the difference is so that you’re well informed! First, let’s start off with 2D.

2D Ultrasounds

The definition of 2D is “two dimensional” so this is the preferred ultrasound method normally offered at doctor’s offices, but we use it as well to determine the gender of your baby. In terms easier for all of us to understand, I like to refer to two dimensional as “flat” and the images are black and white.

3D Ultrasounds

Now we move on to 3D which is the most popular option at Baby Zoom Ultrasound. This gives you a better look at your baby and their special little features that are forming as they grow and the definition of 3D means “third dimension”. So we are able to show you, in color, a more in-depth photo of your unborn child. Sometimes you can see their eyes opening and closing, the sucking of their thumb and maybe a small smile! Many doctors or OBGYN offices don’t offer 3D ultrasounds (unless you are high risk) because of the amount of time it takes so that is why it is the most popular option here at Baby Zoom Ultrasound. Now to the fun part!

4D Ultrasounds

The 4D ultrasound or “4th dimension” just means “movement” or “in motion”. We get to show you your 3D images in motion. So not only does Baby Zoom Ultrasound give you 3D still images to look at, but you also have the option to have a 3D/4D video taken of your baby moving and that’s when you can see your baby blinking or smiling! 

The earliest we at Baby Zoom Ultrasound do a 2D ultrasound would be around 8-10 weeks and the best time to get your 3D ultrasound done would be any time between 21 to 34 weeks, although that decision is completely up to you. Some mama’s love to see their baby floating around when they are really little and some like to wait until you can see facial features more distinguished on the screen or you can come in for multiple!

We love seeing mama’s come in throughout their entire pregnancies!