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Address: 420 Elbert St, Castle Rock, CO 80104 [Click here for directions]
Phone: (303) 814-3164
Website: castlerockhistoricalsociety.org

About the Museum:

“The Castle Rock Museum is housed in a structure which by any account is its prime artifact. The Denver & Rio Grande Railroad had just been built between Denver and Old Colorado City (Colorado Springs) in 1871. It was the first narrow gauge line in the United States and its builder, General William Jackson Palmer, had selected several communities along its route as deserving of rail sidings or depots. Castle Rock became one of them in 1874 when it was designated as county seat of the newly re-aligned Douglas County.

By 1875 a trim small depot was erected on third street in the bustling new village of Castle Rock. It was constructed of Rhyolite building stone native to the area around Castle Rock and designed in the style of the period with wide eaves supported by drop-pendant brackets. The stone work was finely detailed on corners or building edges or around sills and lintels.

The Depot was moved from trackside to its present location in 1970, and was carefully restored by the Castle Rock Historical Society in 1996 for use as a local history museum. The building still retains the original interior features such as the old ticket window and baggage area with 125 years of graffiti on its walls.

The Denver and Rio Grande Depot was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1974 and the Castle Rock Register of Local Landmarks in 1994.”

Source: http://www.castlerockhistoricalsociety.org/sample-page/


  • Building with Rhyolite
  • History of Firefighting in Castle Rock
  • Continental Divide Raceway
  • Patriotic Quilts

To learn more about the Castle Rock Museum, Exhibits and Operating Hours Click here: http://www.castlerockhistoricalsociety.org/exhibits/.