Cookies and Crema

It’s official. As the “Local’s Choice” polls are wrapping up, Castle Rock’rs have once again voted Cookies and Crema the best coffee shop in Castle Rock. Not only does Cookies & Crema have some fantastic coffee, they’ve got quite the selection of healthy breakfast and lunch options.

While Cookies and Crema ran away with the win for the second straight year, the results were very close.

Here are the final results:

  1. Cookies & Crema (36%)
  2. Lost Coffee (23%)
  3. Crowfoot Valley Coffee (16%)
  4. Briccy’s Coffee (9%)
  5. Dazbog Coffee (8%)
  6. Starbucks (6%)
  7. Best Buddies Bakery & Cafe (2%)
  8. Castle Rock Doughnuts (1%)

Congratulations to Cookies & Crema as well as the other nominees for the 2017 ‘Castle Rock Choice’ Awards by CRCO.