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Facebook Guidelines

Thanks to all of our Facebook friends and those who contribute on a regular basis to discussions. We’ve put together a few basic guidelines. If one of these guidelines have been broken your comment will be deleted and if it continues, you’ll likely be banned from our site which we don’t want to happen.

We hope you understand that it’s nothing against you, we’re just looking to create an encouraging friendly online community.

Thanks for joining in!

Basic CRCO Facebook Guidelines (facebook.com/coloradocastlerock)

  1. No Rants – We encourage healthy discussions. If you disagree with a post (such as a restaurant review etc) because maybe you had a less than desirable experience, it’s okay to disagree. If you had a bad experience and wish to comment about it, all we ask is to keep it respectful and fact base. Don’t engage in conversation to bash a business or person. State what the bad experience was you had, don’t just say something sucks etc…
  2. No Grammer Police – Many of our FB posts are from our cell phones and because of that, we might have a mistake from time to time and typically we catch most grammer mistakes quickly.
  3. Respect others – do not degrade others and their opinions. If you disagree with them do it in a professional and respectful manner
  4. No commercial spam – The CRCO Community FB page focuses on our community in its entirety and we do not allow non-member commercial posts. We have specific guidelines in place to for commercial interest to ensure our page does not become a big advertisement, there are plenety of other FB pages for that.