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CRCO Castle Rock Classifieds! Guidelines

CRCO created the CRCO Community Facebook page, Castle Rock Classifieds! as a community page to promote conversation, as well as a marketplace for both residents and local businesses alike. We’ve created a few guidelines that help promote a healthy community page.

Group Type: Community
The CRCO Castle Rock Classifieds! page is a community page that is designed to help residents buy, sell and trade items as well as local businesses. In addition, this is a community discussion board so we encourage questions as they relate to CR.

(Last Updated: 02/13/2015)

1. Users may post no more than 2 classifieds per day, 2 business post and 3 community related posts a 24 hour period

2. Duplicate posts are not allowed

3. No MLM Recruiting (Product posts are okay, follow business post guidelines in #1.)

4. Users & Businesses must reside within Douglas County.

5. No bumping / recycling. Self bumping is commenting on your own post to push it back to the top of the page.

6. Buyers & Sellers are responsible for their own diligence. Please report any scams or scammers to Castle Rock Classifieds! admin immediately.

7. No illegal items!

8. No defaming or flaming of other users

9. Have fun, and be sure to tell all of your friends about us!