MidiCi Neopolitan Pizza

The welcoming scent of the wood burning pizza oven greets you as soon as you enter MidiCi, but pizza is only one of the treasures that await you in this charming casual Italian eatery. The made-up word “MidiCi” is intended to mean “you tell me,” because of the restaurant’s easygoing attitude and commitment to pleasing each and every patron. You couldn’t ask for better hospitality than the kind that’s served up by owners Kelly and Ron Bumann.

But first, let’s talk about the food:

MidiCi Pizza

It’s no wonder MidiCi smells amazing—the wood fired oven burns all day long and can reach temperatures close 800 degrees by evening time. The oven cools overnight and reaches temperatures of about 250-300 degrees every morning, which is when MidiCi bakes its fresh Italian bread in those same wood-burning ovens.

MidiCi House Meat & Cheese

Our favorite starter is the House Meat & Cheese plate, a delightful assortment of cured meats such as spicy Calabrese, prosciutto, and rosemary shaved ham, with imported cheeses, dried fruits, and nuts, served alongside MidiCi’s signature homemade toasted bread.

MidiCi Soup

If you like to start with a soup, we recommend a cup of the absolutely divine cream-based tomato basil, served with toasted bread and topped with grated imported Parmigiano-Reggiano.  I could eat that soup three times a week and be outrageously happy! If you enjoy garlic, we highly recommend the tomato bruschetta appetizer, it’s loaded with diced ripe tomatoes, fresh garlic, and balsamic reduction drizzle—a real flavor bomb and the perfect way to kick off your meal. The house meatballs are also excellent, and they have such a delicate and delightful texture, you’ll never believe they’re made of 100% beef (traditional Italian meatballs combine a trio of ground beef, pork, and veal).

MidiCi Margherita

What will you choose for your main course? If you’re in the mood for wood-fired pizza, you could build your own or choose a classic like the Margherita. Your pizza choices include Neapolitan-style with strategically placed fresh mozzarella cheese, or New York-style covered in shredded mozzarella.

MidiCi Diablo Pizza

I’m partial to a pizza called “The Devil,” a spicy combination that packs a powerful punch of flavors. Amazingly, MidiCi’s pizza crust contains only four ingredients: non-GMO double zero flour imported from Naples, sea salt, pure water, and live yeast.

MidiCi Walnut and Gorgonzola Salad

Perhaps you’d prefer a thin-crusted calzone packed with spicy Italian sausage and cheese (gorgeously plated), or one of MidiCi’s meal-sized salads. My husband is rather smitten with their Walnut & Gorgonzola salad, in fact he’s ordered that more than once and it’s quickly becoming his favorite. Their salad options include big portions, are modestly dressed, and beautifully plated (though they do offer side salad options as well, plus lunch combos).

MidiCi Pasta

I’m sad to say I didn’t get to taste the pasta Bolognese, as the middle child positively devoured this dish without coming up for air, and believe me—this kid is the pickiest about her pasta! The vodka pasta is an excellent option, creamy and loaded with flavor. All MidiCi’s red sauces use imported San Marzano tomatoes as their base, alongside high quality fresh ingredients and a true passion for great food. It’s hard to believe this restaurant is a chain, though there are currently only about 40 locations nationwide. Kelly and Ron have definitely put their own unique spin on this spot, and there’s nothing franchise-y-feeling about it. It’s the perfect spot for a casual business lunch, happy hour with friends, dinner with the fam, or date night with your sweetie.

MidiCi now offers lunchtime paninis and new combo lunch specials priced right at $9.95, plus Happy Hour pricing on apps, cocktails, beer, and wine from 3-6PM, Monday through Friday.

MidiCi  Dessert

But can we please talk about dessert? The pistachio gelato had an amazing texture and an almost smoky flavor that definitely delivered on this Italian classic. I also recommend the lemon sorbetta—it’s dairy-free, light, and wonderfully refreshing. Hubby loved the tiramisu, which featured good strong espresso and well-proportioned layers.  Enjoy a super smooth and velvety café’ mocha with your dessert, you’ll thank me later.

MidiCi Gelato

There’s a robust wine list available (the hubby enjoys a rich Oregon pinot-noir), house-made limoncello (try it in the new Lemon Drop cocktail!), as well as a variety of quality non-alcoholic options for me and the kiddos. My favorite is the coconut Italian cream soda, but beware: it goes down so smooth, you’re gonna want a second one…and maybe a third! The kiddos enjoy all the fruit flavored cream sodas and lemonades, too.

MidiCi Sodas

Speaking of kids, the Bambino menu allows children 12 and under to choose from five different Italian options, with soft drink included. Gluten-free pizza crust and pasta options are also available for kids and adults. 

MidiCi Fichus

If you’re anything like me, you’ll appreciate MidiCi’s sweet details like the live full-size Fichus tree that grows in the center of the restaurant (grow lights stay on all night while business is closed), and the built-in purse hooks on the underside of the tables. It’s clear that Kelly and Ron (as well as their staff) take the MidiCi motto to heart: “People are the best thing that can happen to anyone.”

Tonight, why not grab some of your favorite people and head on over to MidiCi? Be sure to tell Ron and Kelly we sent ya’.