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Social Media Guidelines

Updated: June 1, 2016

Social media has changed the way we work, and engage with friends, families, customers, co workers and the world at large. This kind of interaction can help build a stronger, more successful community.

These are the official, basic guidelines for participating in social media on CRCO social media pages, groups, and sites.

Guidelines for Facebook Groups:

1. Stay on topic of the group, page or post.

2. Content that is cynical, disparaging, hurtful, insulting, malicious, spiteful or vulgar content will be deleted, and the member may be removed from the group permanently.

3. CRCO reserves the right to remove, and/or block individuals from our social media properties who fail to respect other members, and adhere to these basic guidelines.

Please be respectful of each other. The purpose of CRCO is to provide inspiring, uplifting content and information that  contributes to a better community.

Please report any members or comments who you think violate our basic guidelines.