This has been an exciting week at the Douglas County Radio studios. This past Monday, Castle Rock Mayor Paul Donahue joined Joe and Dan in studio to discuss this up and coming special election that focuses on whether or not the open carry of firearms should be prohibited or allowed in city owned parks and buildings. Paul Donahue, a proponent of open-carry answers questions from our readers, debunks myths and more.

On Wednesday, Carroll Hood a Castle Rock resident joined Joe and Dan in studio to talk about why he believes open carry should be prohibited, both very interesting arguments.

Here’s a suggestion, if you’re against the open carry of firearms then you’ve got to listen to the interview with Paul Donahue and if you’re for it, make sure you listen to the episode featuring Carroll Hood. Both deliver some interesting arguments and insight.

Here you have it:

Here’s a video to go along with it where Rob interviewed local Castle Rock residents and asked them if open carry should be allowed at all or just in Government owned parks and buildings.


  1. Thanks for covering this debate. As it is the Town Council has now decided not to publish an information packet that they had originally agreed upon and the town crgov website has limited information on the actual ballot measure so it is good that sites such as this are available to Castle Rock residents.
    I urge voters to get informed and remember this is is about keeping the ban on openly carried guns on town property and not conceal and carry permitted guns which require the holder to have demonstrated competency and refers to concealed hand guns . Most of the surrounding towns and cities like Castle Rock have bans on openly carried firearms on municipal property including Denver, Lone Tree Englewood, Parker, Colorado Springs, Centennial, Elisabeth, Arvada, Aurora, Littleton, Lakewood, and Highlands Ranch.

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