World Compass Academy, a local charter school, has made it to the finals of Bridgestone’s Fuel the Drive grant competition. World Compass Academy is competing against other organizations across the country for a $25,000 grant for their playground and sports field.

You can vote once a day for World Compass Academy to win the grant! Make sure you vote today!

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The motto at World Compass Academy is: “Go Anywhere, Do Anything.” By letting kids do what they do best – play – they learn a variety of skills to help them later in life, such as teamwork and leadership.

When WCA opened its doors in August 2015, the wet spring in Colorado forced the construction budget into excess. Due to this, much of the funds that were to be utilized for the playground and sports field were diverted to ensure the school opened its doors to students for the school year.

What WCA Will Do with the Fuel the Drive Grant

WCA would use the funds from Fuel the Drive to construct and open its playground and sports field.

In the September of 2015, World Compass Academy raised $30,000 through its PTO. This allowed them to excavate land for the playground, along with install an ADA concrete curb and buy equipment to be installed in the fall. A jungle gym, climber, and swings were purchased, but this is just the beginning. With the grant from Bridgestone, WCA would be able to invest in more sports equipment, including a backstop for baseball games and nets for soccer matches. Bleachers and paint lines for soccer, football, and other sports are also needed for spectators and players.

One of the best investments WCA is making in the Castle Rock community is that their playground and sports field will be open the public outside of school hours. WCA will use the fields for their physical education program, along with intramural and community sports.

If you want to show your support for WCA, vote every day to help them win the Bridgestone $25,000 grant. Support your local charter school and vote today!

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