The results are in!

If you’re looking for something to do then take some time to drop by one of our fantastic locally owned coffee shops. Just a few months ago, we served a poll to over 6,000 CR residents and asked them to vote for their favorite locally owned coffee shop. Unlike many polls, we tracked results by I.P address and cookies to ensure our results were as accurate as possible and eliminate duplicate votes.

There are other polls out and about being served by companies outside of Castle Rock so we thought this would be a great way to get actual results from our community.

The Results:

#1 – 2014 Winner – Cookies & Crema

4284 Trail Boss Drive #100
Castle Rock, CO 80104 [View Map]
Phone: 720-985-2883

( 29%)

#2 – Dazbog

202 Wilcox St
Castle Rock, CO 80104 [View Map]
Phone: 303-660-0946

( 27%)

#3 – Lost Coffee

390 Perry St (Note: 2 Locations)
Castle Rock, CO [View Map]
Phone: 720-213-8809


#4 – Crowfoot Valley Coffee

734 Wilcox St #102
Castle Rock, CO 80104
Phone: 303-814-0999


#5 – Starbucks

62 Founders Pkwy
Castle Rock, CO [View Map]
Phone: 303-660-9668


#6 – Other


For all those who beg to differ, we’ll be announcing soon our now annual coffee tasting where you can come down and try the blind-side challenge and vote for your favorite taste!