Where Do You Salon?

I paid a special visit to a unique business in downtown Castle Rock. Walking in I was graciously approached by a woman who introduced herself as Cheryl. I told her the reason for my visit and without hesitation, the person I had scheduled an appointment to see was promptly notified. Since it was a business, everyone was busy, but Cheryl, Origins’ Front Desk Specialist, took the time to give me a tour of the luxurious and spacious place. I was surprised, as well as impressed upon seeing so many areas which served so many purposes, from shampoos to massage. There seemed to be areas dedicated to the customer’s personal attention, comfort, and relaxation. I saw a smile on every face, even the one’s finishing up and leaving. Joy seemed to fill the place.

Welcome to Uncompromised Beauty!

“Origins Salon is located in the heart of downtown Castle Rock, Colorado. Our tribe of enthusiastic stylists are committed to raising the bar in creating an optimal salon experience. Our market leading salon company seeks to build partnerships with our guests in order to provide a rejuvenating beauty experience.” Kim and Harmony had a dream. “To create not just a look, but an experience.” After working in many facets of the beauty industry, the vision became very clear to both: To be the industry leading salon woven into their community. A salon company that focuses on a world-class experience to revitalize your beauty; inside and out.”

Origins Salon opened their doors in August 2018. Origins is a full-service salon. Along with several professional Stylists, two Front Desk Specialists, Kim and Harmony have created a salon like no other. While visiting you will notice, aside from their gracious hospitality, a coffee bar, gifts, and special gift cards for purchase. Having grown up in a “Beauty Shop”, as they were known when I was a kid, much has obviously changed. My mom had a coke and a candy machine in her shop (which I raided constantly). So, when you visit, be sure and allow Origins Salon to indulge you in all aspects of beauty and hair care. From hair to skincare, including organic essential botanicals, you will discover everything you will need, all in one place. Many have recommended this salon. I am sure you will as well. I recommend you pay a visit and see for yourself!

Experience Uncompromised Beauty!

“Origins Salon offers trend-driven professional products that help you take the guesswork out of what your put on and into your body to create effortless beauty!” When you visit, be sure and ask your stylist about a customized product consultation. Origins Salon is a respecter of health and the earth.

Community Support

Origins Salon is a proud supporter of Law Enforcement, Fire, and all Military Branches.

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Location: 209 4th street – Castle Rock, Colorado