Crawfish Success

In honor of yesterday’s first “annual” Castle Rock Crawfish Boil at BURLY Brewing Company, here’s a few post-boil experiences you may be able to relate to:

#1. Your lips still kinda burn, just a little. 

#2. You’re hung over from all the beer you drank to try and cool off your mouth when it was burning from all the spices. Which you now realize, didn’t actually work. 

#3. While in the shower this morning, you notice a couple of weird yellow spots on your hands and arms. You consider licking them, just in case it’s crawfish fat you missed out on. 

#4. After your shower, your hands still smell like crawfish, so you rub some fresh cut lemon on ‘em.  

#5. After rubbing your hands with lemon to remove the smell, you’re now keenly aware of tiny cuts all over your hands, probably from peeling crawfish.

#6. Your fingers are so swollen from the salt and spice that you can’t put on your wedding ring. Yet somehow, you’re also weirdly dehydrated. 

#7. You find texts in your phone from people who appear to be your new best friends, though you can’t quite remember any of their faces right now. 

#8. You’re online checking flight prices to New Orleans, hoping to squeeze in another crawfish boil or two while the kids are on Spring Break. 

Good news – you don’t have to fly to New Orleans just yet… according to the organizers of yesterday’s event, we could be enjoying mudbugs more frequently. Stay tuned for more details on that!