After a major health scare, Christine Bogdovitz made the decision that she would make both her own health as well as her family’s health a priority. That meant doing whatever it takes to make a complete lifestyle change for those she loved and stick with it. When the opportunity came up, Christine and her husband jumped at the chance to open an Anytime Fitness in Castle Rock.

Conveniently located in the south end of Town, in the Safeway parking lot, Anytime Fitness opened its doors to local residents two and a half years ago. A quaint, neighborhood facility, they have all the standard amenities you would expect at the gym. “We have a cardio-area, weights, classes, trainers, internet, television, private bathrooms and showers,” notes Christine, “It’s a small facility, but we have everything you need for an efficient workout.”

Open 24/7, members use their own key fob to safely use the gym, on their own time. They likewise understand the importance of creating a place with a comfortable atmosphere. “At our gym we do our best to create a place with a supportive atmosphere where members can come in without feeling intimidated,” says Christine, “I think we have done that.”

Similarly, getting to know the faces that walk through the door and creating friendships is one of the perks of the job. “We try to make it fun. If we haven’t seen someone in a while, we send them a postcard that we miss them and that it’s time to come into the gym,” Christine smiles. Often members tell her they appreciate the mailed reminder to come in for a workout.

And Christine and her husband know they made the right choice because the gym has not only changed their lives, it is also improving the lives of residents. “My favorite part of working here is seeing someone walk in with a really grumpy look – but after working out, everyone always leaves smiling.” Because at the end of the day, making people feel good about themselves and their health is what their business is all about.

Come in to try out the gym for free with a 7 day pass!

Anytime Fitness
794 South Perry Street, Unit B
Castle Rock, CO 80104