With seven years of dog training experience, Prestige K9 offers innovative dog training to clients in the Denver and Colorado Springs metro areas. These guaranteed practices aim to help dogs become reliable, obedient, and happy members of the family.

Prestige K9 owner and co-founder, Spencer Bowman, is a long-time dog owner who believes that developing a strong communication between you and your pet is the key to success as a pet owner.

f8fd2b_9ed7b796d84540fba248b445107f2fd4Bowman has spent years competing in regional and national championships with dogs that he’s trained, and now holds titles in competitive dog sports.

Prestige K9 offers courses that range from short periods of time such as private daytime lessons to long spans of time where dogs live in the home with a trainer for up to five weeks. Prestige K9 professionals equip dogs with real life training, which conditions each dog to test and understand different kinds of situations.

“The best part is seeing daily, weekly, or monthly progression in a dog’s skills,” explained co-founder, Marissa Randolph. “It’s so rewarding to know that the process is making a dog’s life better and a family’s life better.” Prestige K9 trainers believe in creating a bond between a dog and its owner that will last a lifetime.

Their expertise in obedience training,  puppy training, group classes, private lessons, service dogs, protection dogs, and dog training camps, has left Prestige K9 customers happy and successful in adding four-legged members to the family.f8fd2b_d15cf55f335a43a7a6fa9f003ad892ab

A more recent addition to their dog-training service is therapy dog training. Prestige K9’s partnership with Mountain Vista High School, in Highlands Ranch, has been spearheaded by a group of students. They are now developing a training option that is designed to create a safe and therapeutic place for people.

“The initial response of having the dogs in the school has been great,” explained Randolph. “We’ve found so much excitement in seeing how two therapy dogs can change the atmosphere and learning environment of an entire student body.” The dogs will now completing their therapy training through Prestige K9.

Prestige K9’s intentional training guarantees happier, healthier, obedient dogs. With clientele across the globe, Bowman and Randolph are excited to see where their training and competing take them next. Visit their website today, and ask about their free consultation, as well as discounts for military, first responder, and rescue dogs.

Call Prestige K9 today at  719-286-9347 or go online to Mention this business feature, for 10% dog training services.