Thanks to the your feedback, CRCO launched Castle Rock Community News just months ago. Since then, Castle Rock Community News has grown tremendously and we couldn’t have accomplished this amount of success without your support.

What is Castle Rock Community News? We’re an alternative news source!

Castle Rock Community News is designed by the community, for the community. Traditional media models typically allow for a larger parent company to drive their personal agenda. Our agenda is created and driven by the community.

Castle Rock Community News is resident owned and operated. We started out of a house near Founders Village and now have a small office located at 333 Perry Street. This is where the magic happens.

Castle Rock Community News is driven by our community. We encourage resident involvement, in fact we already have a lot of residents who contribute regulalry to our news stories. Our ultimate goal is to serve our residents and allow them to feature what’s important to them first.

We’re Castle Rock Focused. All of our efforts are on Castle Rock. The only reason we’d cover a story outside of Castle Rock is if it has a direct impact on Castle Rock.

We always welcome your suggestions. Whether you want to get involved on the news team or you have tips on what we can do better to meet your needs, we’d love to hear from you.

Thanks for your continued support, we look forward to serving you for many years to come!


CRCO & Castle Rock Community News