Nothing can make your day quite like plowing one of your tires into a pothole during your daily drive. Unfortunately with the winter climate in Colorado, the asphalt roads take a pretty good beating- freezing from the cold one day, only to be warmed by the sun a few days later. The constant hot and cold and normal wear and tear on Town roads keeps Street Operations Manager, Dave Frost, extremely busy, especially during the cold months.

Along with his crew of seven, and single truck filled with hot mix to patch the road gouges, Frost makes his best efforts to attend to damage on the road. “Since we only have one machine to fix the potholes, we can only do so much- especially with impending snow in the forecast,’ commented Frost. When snow and rain are on the road, it makes the conditions impossible to properly clean, fill and seal the hole.

The month of January put them to the test. The crew logged a massive number, repairing 1000 potholes on the streets of Castle Rock. And though he wishes they could have filled more, he realizes there is only so much they can do. ‘We try to prioritize and do the worst first,” comments Frost, “Because there are so many, it’s very difficult for us to get to all of the holes in a timely manner.’

But they want residents to know their goal is to respond to each and every report, so eventually all repairs can be made. That means doing a timely, quality job the first time around- we just need to have patience. Frost laughs, “It’s not just throw and go. We do them carefully the first time so you don’t have to do the same holes over again.”

For more information on pothole repair, please visit or call 720-733-2462