stop-here-on-red If you’ve ever entered I-25 Northbound from Wilcox, then you’ve likely seen the sign that reads “STOP HERE ON RED,” and there’s a good chance you thought twice to its meaning as it can be easily misinterpreted.

What you think it means?

1. Stop, don’t move until the light turns green
2. Stop, check for traffic then proceed to I-25 NB on-ramp

Again, thanks to our readers for suggesting clarification on this. I visited this light today and it appears motorist are 50/50 on whether or not they should stop on red and stay stopped until the light turns green, or simply stop then go.

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  1. Stop Here on Red. Could it be anymore obvious? Don’t turn right until the light turns green.

  2. The sign means to stop at that point on a red light, so you’re not in the line of incoming turning traffic. Once you have made a complete stop, then you can turn right on red. If you couldn’t turn right on red, there would be a sign stating “no right turn on red”.

  3. Sorry Cpt. Obvious, but I have to disagree with you. Yes, stop at the line on red. Then look for traffic, and when it is clear, you can go. Yes, even if the light is still red. The sign is merely a reminder to come to a complete stop before going. If right turns weren’t allowed on red, then there would be a sign that indicates, “no turn on red”.

  4. Wow, this is so pathetic to me, are you serious?! it is simple people, get a clue. It’s what Rkymtnbamagirl said!! Sheesh!

  5. Hey Bob, why so angry? Ya’ all need to go to church sometime. Learn to love one another – ya angry folk!

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