Lieutenant Matt Rettmer has been helping to maintain the star for the past 17 years.

The star on the rock will be lit as a “beacon of hope” to symbolize hope among the coronavirus outbreak.

The Castle Rock Town Council voted unanimously on the special motion Tuesday “as a reminder that Castle Rock is a strong and united community that will persevere.”

“When times get hard in Castle Rock, the community comes together,” said Mayor Jason Gray in a statement. “We will get through this, and my wish is that everyone who sees The Star will ask themselves what they can do in the community to help those who need support.”

The star will be lit on Monday, March 23 by the Castle Rock Fire and Rescue crews and volunteers are known as The Keepers of the Star.

The star is scheduled to be lit on Monday, March 23 by Castle Rock Fire and Rescue crews and a volunteer group is known as The Keepers of the Star.

The Keeper of the Star

There are people among us who have the personality and opportunity to express true dedication; people that can be relied on to perform a job rain, snow or shine. Retired firefighter, Tammy Denhard, is definitely a member of that lot. She has been volunteering for the past 27 years to put smiles on faces and make sure the 88 bulbs that line the Castle Rock Star stay lit for the holidays.


Now retired, Denhard first joined the Castle Rock Fire Department over 20 years ago. She had been on the job for less than a year the first time she volunteered her help. “I began doing the star in March of 1989,” she continued, “When they (her fellow firefighters) went up to work on the star, I offered to go up with them.”

Unbeknownst to her, she had just walked into one of the most important and perilous jobs around Town.

As many know, the wrought-iron structure, supported by crossbeams and joints, is a major part of the Town’s identity. And while it is a signature part of Castle Rock year-round, during cold holiday weather, it is illuminated and becomes a perilous undertaking for those who take care of it. its five peaks must be ascended by Prusiking. “We use Prusik ropes to climb it,” said Denhard.

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