Summer has flown by and now that it’s August, students across Castle Rock will be returning to school over the next two weeks. Even if you don’t have kids, here’s how to prepare and keep your sanity:

Allow Extra Commute Time
Whether or not you have school aged children, you’re bound to notice some added traffic or congestion at peak school start and stop times. Recently-licensed young drivers are finding their way as they navigate morning traffic, and many Castle Rock students walk to and from school. School car lines can spill out into the street as parents get the hang of timing and the flow of drop off and pick up from school, especially with all the construction that’s currently underway. To minimize your commute time stress, allow extra travel time to ensure you arrive safely and on time.

Watch for School Zones
It’s not uncommon for Castle Rock Police to have a presence in school zones, especially at the start of the school year. According to, the “true cost” of a speeding ticket in Castle Rock (including increases in your auto insurance) is around $745. Mind your speed and slow down–especially in school zones–to avoid getting a ticket.

With kids in tow or not, back to school means a time of adjustment for the whole community.

Shop Local or During Off-Peak Hours
Big box stores throughout Castle Rock are already packed with back to school shoppers, frantically preparing for the BTS rush. If you prefer a quieter setting for your shopping, stick to locally owned stores or shop during off-peak hours (mid-morning and mid-afternoon). As high schoolers begin to return to school, some Castle Rock stores will feel the effects of this, because their teen staff’s available hours are reduced.

Stock up Office Supplies
Regardless of whether you have kids in school, now is an ideal time to restock your favorite office supplies. Even the grocery stores have extra supplies on hand, and prices are slashed to their lowest of the year. You can save a bundle right now on pens, copy paper, notebooks, art supplies, and more.

By the time Castle Rock Art Fest rolls around, students and parents will be in a groove and morning and afternoon traffic should settle down considerably. In the meantime, be safe out there, drive carefully, and carry a little extra patience.