new_3This year the Millennial generation – those born from 1981 to 1997 – has overtaken Baby Boomers as the largest living generation in the country.  Their role in politics and policy will become increasingly important, giving rise to a new organization intended to capture the imagination of the next generation. The Millennial Policy Foundation, a new think tank targeting Millennials, was announced on Tuesday by Founder and President Jimmy Sengenberger.
“Our generation is the first to grow up with devices like cell phones and personal computers,” said Sengenberger, 26.  “The way we learn and transfer information, as a generation, is substantially different from any generation that preceded us.”
Millennials are the nation’s future leaders and policymakers.  The goal of the Policy Foundation is to reach this generation in a way that speaks their language. The Foundation will conduct research, propose solutions to public policy problems, and communicate these ideas to a cross-generational audience.
“We are at a unique time in history where my generation – from college students onto parents just starting families – can make a real difference.  I’m excited to see what MPF will accomplish,” said Sean Hakes, a Millennial, a father, and the owner of CRCO who lives in Castle Rock, Colorado.
The Foundation on Tuesday launched a 40-day crowdfunding campaign on, represented by the hashtag #ReigniteFreedom, to raise initial funds to lay groundwork for MPF.  To learn more about the Millennial Policy Foundation and to make a donation, visit them on the web at