landscaping ideas spring 2020

If there’s anything to take away from what’s transpired thus far in the Spring of 2020, it’s that most of us will be spending a lot more time at home than we anticipated a few months ago. 

With shelter-in-place and social distancing orders ongoing across Colorado, those of us not preoccupied with the direct impacts of the coronavirus pandemic are finding that government-mandated home isolation affords ample opportunities for Spring cleaning, home improvement and DIY projects. 

While this Spring–and in all likelihood, Summer and Fall–won’t be anywhere near normal by any traditional standard, many of us can at least find some solace and a comforting distraction from current events by improving and upgrading our home space.

Warm, sunny days are ahead, and while some of the best ways to recreate outdoors are currently prohibited, we can still have fun at home in our backyards. A great way for adults to have fun outside and at home is do-it-yourself landscaping.

There’s no better time than now to indulge in some DIY landscaping projects–while at the same time doing your part as a responsible citizen by staying home! Here are a few DIY landscaping ideas for Spring 2020.

Spruce Up the Garden

When we think of landscaping, gardening is often the first thing to come to mind, and for good reason. A well-maintained and tastefully crafted home garden is one of the most popular and easily achievable first-time DIY projects for homeowners.

Flower gardens are an easy way to add colorful decoration to your yard, and you can build one just about anywhere. If not in the ground itself, flowers can be planted in pots and on windowsill shelves. Consider using different kinds of flowers to add variety and character to your garden.

A vegetable garden can be one of the most rewarding experiences for a home dweller. Easy-to-grow vegetables include peppers, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, radishes, and carrots. For the true green thumb, a growhouse can be a great way to provide extra care and a controlled environment for a garden. 

Build a Patio

While a significant step up from gardening, building your own patio is another way to occupy your free time at home this Spring, perhaps for several weeks or more. Even a modestly-sized, simple patio can make a boring yard that much more interesting.

Patio floor types range from wood to stone to bricks, loose pebbles, and even concrete slabs. Wicker, wooden and iron-wrought seating and tables can offer comfort while standing the test of time in outdoor weather conditions. A patio canopy can protect against rain, snow and other elements.

Fire pits are excellent additions to an outdoor patio, providing heat in the winter months and adding atmosphere year-round. They range from wood-burning pits as simple as a hole in the ground to extravagant stone monuments complete with gas lines and fire glass.

Add Trees and Shrubs

A good yard needs a tree or two, or for those not willing to wait years for a full-grown tree, a few shrubs can be a great alternative. Trees and shrubs will add depth and character to your yard, provide shade, and can even provide privacy if positioned right.

Retaining Wall

A retaining wall is meant to hold land in place, and can either be a necessity or a luxury depending on the layout of your yard. Retaining walls help prevent erosion, divert rainwater, and can provide additional flat areas. 

If your yard is particularly hilly, a retaining wall is a great way to add flat areas and depth to your yard.

Go Artificial

If you’re fed up with having to deal with dirt, mud, and other inconveniences caused by grass, maybe it’s time to upgrade to artificial turf. Whether your lawn is stubbornly refusing to grow grass, or you simply are tired of taking care of it, there are several varieties of residential artificial turf that can provide the same look and feel as real grass without the hassle.

Build a Water Fountain

Water fountains add a distinct, classy look to your yard, and can really tie a patio or garden together. Water fountains come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, from stone to tile to concrete. They can act as great centerpieces for gardens or in the middle of a circular driveway.
These are just a few examples of what you can do with your yard this Spring. While landscaping can be a fun and educational DIY experience, some projects are too difficult to pull off without a professional. If you’re not so much into the DIY route, consider contacting a Castle Rock landscaping company to do the work for you.