Castle Rock Windows & Doors

New Windows and Doors offer many more benefits than just curb appeal including improving your home’s energy cost, and more.

Castle Rock-based Window & Doors contractor, Sheps Construction offers an extensive list of styles and colors to choose from including aluminum, acrylic, copper, gazed, metal, fiberglass, solid wood, vinyl, wood, and more.

Have you been pushing off upgrading your home’s exterior doors or windows? Don’t worry, window and door replacement costs come in various price ranges designed to fit just about anyone’s budget.

Windows and doors come in all price ranges to fit just about anyone’s budget.

Window & Door Considerations

When researching which windows or doors might be a good fit for your needs it’s important to consider your energy consumption both present and future. Energy-efficient windows and doors can drastically reduce your energy bills. That’s why at CRCO, we recommend contacting the local window & door PROs, Sheps Construction to determine which windows and doors are best designed for energy efficiency.

Castle Rock Windows

In addition to reducing your energy bill, installing new windows and doors will improve your curb appeal and your home’s safety.

Windows and Doors are comprised of two panes of glass separated by a frame, usually made from wood, vinyl, or metal. The frames can be attached to the windows or the doors or maybe stand-alone.

Windows and Doors are available in an assortment of styles. Some are designed to open inward while others open outward. You can select any style you desire and be assured it will blend seamlessly into your home interior. Many manufacturers use fiberglass or wood composite instead of aluminum in Windows and Doors because the aluminum can be difficult to clean, and it tends to retain dust and debris for longer periods of time. Fiberglass and wood composites are lightweight, easy to clean, and do not retain dust for extended periods of time, giving your house a fresher feel. These types of windows and doors will not retain heat, making them energy efficient in the summer and winter.

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