Dog owners, do you enjoy cleaning up after your dog or giving it a bath? These two responsibilities probably aren’t at the top of people’s list when it comes to favorite things about owning a dog. Fortunately for the Castle Rock community, there is a business that not only will come to you to pick up after your pet, but also has a mobile dog washer to make sure your canine friend stays fresh and clean all of the time. Scoop and Scrub is a local business that takes pride in keeping your dog and your yard spotless. Whether in sun or snow, Scoop and Scrub has your back when it comes to keeping your yard clean.

According to their website, Scoop and Scrub is dedicated to providing the finest dog services available. Everything from cleaning up your yard to making sure your dog has enough toys to play with and spraying your yard to make the bugs go away, Scoop and Scrub has it covered.

One of the things that makes Scoop and Scrub stand out among other dog services is their use of all natural products. While conventional waste removal sprays contain harmful pathogens, Scoop and Scrub uses only organic sprays, which means a safe, healthy and smell-free yard for you and your dog.  Scoop and Scrub stands above the rest as well because they are the only pet waste removal service in the U.S. that takes the waste and turns into a 100% biodegradable liquid that can provide nutrients which benefit soil.

You can start your “Poop Pickup Trial” by calling 720-739-7667 or by visiting their website at Scoop and Scrub offices are located at 200 S Wilcox, Unit 234 in downtown Castle Rock.