Douglas County is the 9th wealthiest county in the United States,  why is it so hard for many of our local service businesses to find work in Castle Rock?

I recently spoke with a local roofer who stated that the majority of his work comes from Denver. He went on to tell me that even through he knew there was a lot of work in Castle Rock because of the recent storms, Castle Rock residents are still hiring out of town roofers.

My neighborhood in particular is saturated with yellow signs promoting out of town roofers, the signs are literally everywhere and the residents are proudly promoting them. Who knows, maybe one of their neighbors works for the company, but regardless, the money you’re spending is leaving our local economy and supporting someone else.

Did you know the town of Castle Rock has a local business directory? These are all companies who are licensed to do business in Castle Rock and perhaps it’s a good place to start.

In addition, we’re excited about the launch of Explore Castle which will be going live on Sept 1. We’ve created a very interactive map that allows you to easily search for locally owned and operated businesses, read feedback from local customers, watch a video that introduces you to many of the business owners and create a way that you can support our local friends & family.

Do your part, think local and support those who live and work around you to make Castle Rock what it is today.