According to USA Today, about 83 percent of adults drink coffee. Wow!

If 84 percent of Castle Rock adults drink coffee, just think about the amount of dough Starbucks is ranking in locally and sending back to Seattle. Sure, Starbucks pays taxes here, but that’s very minimal to what our town actually sees from them.

I get it Starbucks is convenient. I’ve been a Starbucks-a-holic for many years and about a year ago decided to cut my consumption down and support the local shops, it’s been great!

Tomorrow, or any Friday, if you have the urge to jump in that massively long Starbucks line, don’t! Here’s a list of as well as directions to some of our local brew shops and I encourage you, and your friends to at least for one day a week, support a local shop.

There are many benefits to supporting our local coffee shops that far exceed just monetarily. We’ve made things easy if you don’t know where these places are, simply click on the get directions, link from your smart phone which will active your GPS and send you on your way.

  • Coffee & Crema (Metzler Park  & Great access to I-25)
    4284 Trail Boss Dr #100
    Castle Rock, CO [Get Directions!]
  • Lost Coffee (Downtown)
    390 Perry St
    Castle Rock, CO [ Get Directions! ]
  • Lost Coffee (The Meadows)
    3980 Limelight Ave
    Castle Rock, CO [ Get Directions! ]
  • Dazbog Coffee (Downtown)
    202 Wilcox St
    Castle Rock, CO  [ Get Directions! ]
  • Crowfoot Valley Coffee (Downtown)
    734 Wilcox St #102
    Castle Rock, CO [ Get Directions! ]

Now, just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, we’ve create a handy map for you so you can visualize which coffee shop is conveniently located along your journey.



  1. Castle Rock is lacking a truly quality coffee shop that not only serves great coffee but has a great atmosphere to boot. Someone needs to go up to Boulder and see what a real independent coffee shop looks like. Until then Starbucks is sadly the best we have.

  2. I’m not sure I agree. I lived in Boulder and the above mentioned shops are just as good. Perhaps it’s the boulder vibe you’re missing? Have you been to any of the local shops? =)

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