Flights, Inc - Castle Rock CO

Written by: Gary Godfrey

What do I say when a friend asks, “Do you want to grab your camera and go up in the plane today?” Well…I say,”Yes”, of course! Any opportunity for an adventure, of any kind, is what I live, or die for…especially when I am the one getting the photos!

CastleI met Sean Hakes (CRCO) at his office today, then off to Centennial Airport we drove. Today Sean’s challenge was “touch and go’s” (takeoffs and landings). My challenge…well there was no challenge. I was along for the adventure and the photography and videos. Before loading up Sean asks, “Nervous?”.

Flights, IncI mean…I had never flown with Sean, and he was still working towards his license. Frank Malmgren, Sean’s instructor was our third passenger. What a great guy! If you ever desire flying lessons, see Frank.

After waiting in our holding position, we received the “go” then completing two left-turns, Sean pointed the nose down the center of the runway. Engine fully-throttled, we reached lift-speed and up, up, and away we were. The sensation of the wings’ sudden lift upon the wind was obvious in the light aircraft. There was a sense of slight turbulence at times, but we were now surfing upon the waves of the sky! A quick circle and approaching the runway, now landing strip, Sean made a touchdown, and just as quickly was lifting back up into the sky. One more circle and “touch and go”, we were now on a round-trip to Castle Rock and back. I so enjoyed seeing our town from 3000 feet. I know how high we were at that moment, because I looked at the altimeter.

Frank MalmgrenBack at Centennial, we approached and landed, then taxied back to where we began. Taking photos of Sean and Frank, I said my goodbyes and headed back home to Castle Rock. I commute back and forth to the Denver Tech Center, and I now can imagine how nice flying would be. Driving (not flying) sensibly, I returned home, happy for such a good day with such a great friend!

Are you thinking about aviation in your future? Call Frank from Flights, Inc today at 720-891-8214.

~ Gary Godfrey – Gary Godfrey Photography of Castle Rock ~