Numerous pets arrive at the Buddy Center in Castle Rock too young or with an illness that prevents adoption.

Each year millions of animals are surrendered to shelters across the country. As a recent solution to the pressing issue, many agencies are now promoting pet ‘fostering’ programs in local communities.

At the Buddy Center in Castle Rock, they are hoping to spread the word that some furry buddies are in need of a temporary, loving home.

All too often, animals arrive at the shelter with needs that require special care. Recovering from things like neglect or illness, these animals can quickly deteriorate in the kennel environment.

“Pets (in need of fostering) include those recovering from an illness or injury, orphaned kittens and puppies, mother cats and dogs nursing their litters, under-socialized pets, and pets that benefit from spending time in a home environment,” said Megan Reese, PR Manager for the Dumb Friends League.

When allowed time to recover in a more ‘normal’ setting, they are given the chance to recuperate. Bright eyes and tails wagging, their chances of finding a permanent home are greatly increased.

“Last year alone, more than 2,800 pets received life-changing foster care through this program,” said Reese. “It gives thousands of homeless pets a better chance for a happier, healthier life ahead with a forever family.”

Likewise, no cost is incurred by the foster parents. Providing a nurturing environment is the only requirement. After filling out standard paperwork, applicants are interviewed and a representative is sent out to inspect the prospective foster home.

“We provide foster parents with all supplies they need for the duration of the pet’s stay, including food, litter and litter boxes, bedding, toys, collars and leashes, crates, and cages for small mammals,” added Reese. Any required medication and veterinary care is also covered.

And though there’s no obligation, Reese has seen numerous foster homes ‘flunk’ at surrendering their pets when the time comes. “We don’t keep data on this, but anecdotally speaking, we do sometimes have what we call “foster flunkies”- which is when a foster parent ends up adopting their foster pet,” Reese continued, “most of our foster parents will tell you that the reward of making a difference in that animal’s life outweighs the heartache of having to bring them back.”

For more information on becoming a pet foster parent:
The Buddy Center (Castle Rock)
4556 Castleton Court
Castle Rock, CO 80109
(303) 751-5772