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As we round the corner to end out this year, two words can describe what the internet industry experienced in 2015 on a wide scale: cyber hacking. According to Google, hacking so far this year has increased 180%. Big websites like the infamous Ashley Madison scandal earlier this year has brought this cyber hacking epidemic to the spotlight. More recently, there have been concerns that China has been hacking into and stealing information from the US through cyber attacks. While most of has been heard about in the media have been large-scale hacking jobs, small business websites are just as vulnerable and can cause just as much damage to the company’s reputation and profits by being removed from Google’s search result pages.

Securi Review
Securi Review: Live Visitors with Live Hacking Attempts Blocked.

By finding vulnerabilities in your company’s website, cyber criminals will not only be able to control your website from a remote location but can also take customer’s personal information. Once your website is hacked, payments can also be intercepted by the hackers, your social security can be stolen, and sell information illegally. The results of these kinds of hacks can be disastrous to your company and recovery can be extremely difficult.

For Google, when a cyber attack happens they first send out a warning. If the website is hacked again, Google will then remove it from the search results. If your website is taken down off of the search results, then there is a list of things including fixing the violations that will have to be accomplished before Google will even reconsider allowing the website to reappear in the results.


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