20141205_181859Those who know us can tell you that we are big fans of Asian cuisine. Whether it’s a plate of well-made Phad Thai, Vietamese Pho or Hibachi, our taste buds are readily excited by every bite. It wasn’t too big of a stretch to take a jaunt over to Mt. Fuji Hibachi & Sushi to answer our stomach’s promptings.

Don’t be put off that Mt. Fuji is located in a strip mall and appears small from the outside. Once you walk in, it becomes apparent that the restaurant takes up a pretty large portion of the building. The hosts are also very welcoming at the door and the restaurant had a clean and orderly appearance for patrons. While one side is a typical restaurant setting with standard tables and chairs, accompanied by a small 6-8 person sushi bar, the second room is dedicated to the art of serving Hibachi, with 6 grilling tables enclosed by chairs for diners.

We took a seat at a center table so we could easily see the action around the room. Drinks, a small salad and some edamame were promptly brought to the table as we looked at the menu. Grilled vegetables, shrimp and steak sounded good, and once we (and the other family who joined us) ordered, our very funny and charismatic chef appeared to entertain us. Hi experience quickly showed and he knew all the tricks: throwing bites of tasty chicken in the air for hungry mouths to catch and setting the vegetables on fire…all while telling jokes and plating us with food. The atmosphere was very lite and fun, so it’s a great place to take kids (who aren’t easily startled) and groups who have a reason to celebrate.

Once the show came to an end, the table suddenly ceased conversation as we all filled our mouths with the wonderful combination of flavors. The steak was one of the best we have had in town, the shrimp was perfectly cooked and the grilled vegetables were quite flavorful. But once we had cleared our plates, we looked at each other sadly realizing that there would be no leftovers to take home and enjoy the next day! Mt. Fuji Hibachi and Sushi has the right combination of fun, great food and overall cleanliness. We will definitely be back soon!

Here’s how you can find Mt. Fuji:

4714 Milestone Lane, Castle Rock, CO 80104 [Get Directions]
Phone: (303) 660-2618

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