How to remove a mugshot from google

Did you know, even if you were accused of a crime and proven innocent, your mugshot could still be online? Thousands of individuals each year are being haunted by their past making it difficult to get jobs or make a living thanks to that lingering mugshot.

AAERO, a Denver PR Firm helps individuals and businesses alike both remove or suppress negative content and mugshots from the internet including Google, social media, and others. But how?

“Getting a mugshot removed from Google could be as simple as paying the website off, or complex requiring Reputation SEO ™,” said John Leverson, a Reputation Analyst for Sean Hakes Consulting.

Reputation SEO™ is a complex process that essentially optimizes multiple websites and content to suppress or bury the offending content. Reputation SEO™ is great for suppressing negative media and other types of content that is unlikely to be removed through compensation or legal action.

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