Recently, transparency seems to be the buzz word within the political community. While in the past, it was common to be distrustful of where our tax dollars were going, it has now become more common for local government to open their books to the public. Seeing the positive effects of granting citizens access to financial records, the Town of Castle Rock has been nationally recognized for their honest efforts.

For over two decades the Town has stood their ground to keep their spending practices open to public eyes. Basically if you want to know how money is being spent, just ask the Finance Department. “Financial transparency is the core value for the Town of Castle Rock,” said Financial Director Trish Muller. And their compliance with showing all their cards has earned them a Certificate of Achievement for Excellence for their 2014 financial reports.

Given by the Government Finance Officers Association, this nationally recognized organization acts as a financial watchdog. It is their duty to make sure all established government financial agencies adhere to a strict code of ethics. They then work to identify exactly how procedures are being implemented and if financial policies are benefiting the people under their jurisdiction.

So kudos to the Town of Castle Rock and their Financial Department for setting an example for their political counterparts. Setting the bar high for transparency between the government and it’s citizens, in regards to where their money is being spent, helps us sleep better at night.