Safeway closing at 560 E Castle Pines Pkwy in Castle Rock does not have blowout savings, yet

Don’t rush over to the Safeway in Castle Pines in search of fantastic closeout deals and you won’t be disappointed. Though there are sign spinners along Castle Pines Parkway and I-25 that read 60 percent off, the fine print, which you’ll probably miss, should read: limited (for the time being) to only the card section.

There are still over two weeks until the June 13 final closing date of the store, so as any business owner would expect, they are attempting to minimize their loss. However, once there, you will find the store is strategically labeled with some deeper discount tags on select items.

safeway2Much of the store has a general discount of 5-10 percent, which is taken off at the register. Don’t look for anything greater than that in fresh produce, meats, dairy or for most packaged food items. Instead, take advantage of the 20-25 percent that can be saved on: toiletries, kitchen and home items, candy, toys and various camping/outdoor necessities.

But as the date for closing their doors approaches, we would expect to see more markdowns. Shoppers should also be aware that they are not accepting coupons at this location, even if they bare the Safeway emblem.

The only coupons that are being taken must come from the manufacturer. You Safeway card, however, is still accepted which will give you some added savings and some fuel points.

We will keep you updated about discounts at the start of June!