Who loves jewelry? Who loves jewelry created with healing stones, energy stones? I know a creative jewelry artist who creates just that – Louise Molieri owner and jewelry designer of the local business Healing Light Stones in Castle Rock, Colorado.

Before getting into details, Louise and I enjoyed some great conversation from a ‘Discussions of Life’ to ‘Geology’. I spent several years as a rock hound/prospector, stone and gem dealer, and a jewelry creator myself. We had plenty in common to talk about! I like trying to identify what a stone is before I need to ask!

Louise began designing jewelry around 2007. She says she always felt drawn to the mystical beauty of the gemstone, even as a child. While in her early twenties, Louise joined the ‘Gem of the Month’ club and began receiving stones, thus beginning her collection. Her gemstone collection is mesmerizing to say the least.

Louise describes her favorites as ‘One of a Kind’ healing pieces, including necklaces, bracelets, and ankle bracelets. Her creations categories include Custom Pieces, Pet Collars, Prayer Beads, and Chakra Diffuser Jewelry. Louise has created her own database for accumulating the connections with stones and their health and emotional supports.

Healing Light Stones, LLC accepts new customers via its website and Facebook page. There is a link on the website to visit the eBay Collection for purchases as well. Louise welcomes customers ‘By Appointment Only’. So be sure and contact her to learn more.


Article By: Gary Godfrey – Castle Rock Local Business Alliance