Dr. Veronica Johnson Shares a Little History of Envision Counseling Clinic

To sit and have a conversation with Steve and Dr. Veronica Johnson is quite a warming experience. The positive and loving vibes fill the room. The smiles and friendly gestures will make you feel comfortable and secure. I expected nothing less, and I received nothing less!

The interview is expressed in the video, but I will add that I sat intrigued as I listened to their story of their life in Castle Rock, Colorado. Watch and listen!

“Envision Counseling Clinic is bringing hope to our local communities by improving relationships and mental health. People across Colorado come to us when they have done all they know to do and are still stuck.”

Envision Counseling Clinic is located at 734 Wilcox Street – Castle Rock, CO – 80104

Call Today: 720-WELCOME (720-935-2663)


Article/Video By: Gary Godfrey