I do not have any tattoos. In these contemporary times, getting some artwork on my body has been on my mind. I mean, everyone I meet has tattoo art somewhere or everywhere. I am still trying to wrap my head around what I would want, if I decide to go for it. I have looked everywhere; my personal past, personal interests, lineage and ancestry. For now, I think I know, but that is another matter.

After taking over the reins of the CRCO – Local Business Alliance Group, here in Castle Rock, Colorado, I noticed the local business, Castle Rock Tattooing & Laser Removal Company listed in the group of Local “LBA” members. I had often heard many, good things about the owner, his ethics and his work. So, as my curiosity got the best of me, and tattooing was on my mind, I decided to pay a visit. Putting on my face covering, I walked in and scheduled a time which would be best. A week later…

The exterior of the business, a house converted into a business, attracted my curiosity. Walking in, I was struck with an amazing collection of art, and information on tattooing artists in the waiting area. I was greeted by co-owner, Tammy. A time was set. The appointment was scheduled for 10:30 in the morning, and as usual I was a bit early. I was anxious to meet with Ryan “Cactus Jack” Clement; “Army Combat Veteran, Award-Winning Tattooist, Certified Laser Specialist, and now owner and operator of the unique business (borrowed from About Page).” I love the slogan, “Come in a Client, Leave as Family!”

Color. There is color everywhere. As a photographer, I notice color and it was everywhere. After a brief interview, which I will share below, Ryan gave me a tour, and it was fascinating to say the least. The walk-through included the rooms where Alex and Brian, the senior crew worked out of. The room for laser removals was clean and clutter free. It gave the appearance of comfort and purpose. Everything everywhere was clean and clutter free.

We sat in his workspace and we began to chat. Thoughts were expressed and stories were shared. Ryan Clement has a unique story. Ryan “Cactus Jack” Clement, is a unique person. He served ten years in the Army. It was during his service time he began tattooing. He worked as an apprentice in Southern California. This was when he was dubbed the name, “Cactus Jack”. You will need to book a session with Ryan to hear more of the story. Aside from the time in the Army, Ryan Clement, Creator of Custom Award-Winning Tattoos, opened shop in the early part of 2015 here in Castle Rock, Colorado.

Ryan’s outreach to the community is worth praise. Laser tattoo removal is offered to people trying to transition from a legal situation of incarceration back into the community of hard working citizens. Do-it-yourself tattoos often come with a stigma. Besides his art and business, helping others during their second-chance transitions is his passion. I must say, I truly enjoyed myself. Ryan is a natural at making a person feel comfortable.

Castle Rock Tattooing & Laser Removal Company is in such demand, bookings have reached out to November, so call or stop in to schedule for that work-of-art you have been dreaming of!



Gary Godfrey – CRCO – Local Business Alliance