Though community opinions differ from time to time, there is an underlying current of unity that has been developing over the past few years. Somewhat of an anomaly, several Castle Rock churches have formed a brotherhood that has given life to the 3rd Annual Castle Rock Day of Prayer happening on September 2, 2017.

Meeting at the amphitheater at Philip S. Miller park, pastors from over 20 local churches — of different denominations — will be praying together over the Town. “I’ve never heard of anything like this where all the lead pastors from different churches are coming together to pray together in one location,” remarked Mike Polhemus, Lead Pastor from The Rock Church, Castle Rock. “It is a very unique event.”

Starting at 9 A.M., those who come to the Philip S. Miller Amphitheater can expect the two-hour-span to mirror a typical church service. “Along with myself and other pastors coming up to the stage to pray, we will fill the time with Dave and Tara Powers leading everyone in worship,” he smiled. Founders of the non-profit ‘Worship and the Word Movement,’ the husband and wife duo will mingle in a set of uplifting music for the crowd.

As in years past, communal prayer will focus on protection over common Town elements and on those who keep us from harm. “Though we don’t know the specifics of what we will say, we do know that we will be sure to pray over things like our schools, our law enforcement and fire department,” Polhemus added.

The rest of the time will be led by what’s on the hearts of the Pastors that day. “Each year we pray for lots of different things, with the hope that we are hearing from God and not just making up things as we go along.” They believe a higher power will give them a better understanding of how their group prayer can help the Town.

In the end, the community event is about bringing the Town together to pray for Castle Rock. “We are excited to be not only be uniting the churches of Castle Rock on a this day but also officials of the community like Mayor Jennifer Green and Councilman Jason Bower,” said Polhemus. “But I can’t take the credit for all of this…it really is something put together by God.”