Road Ranger volunteers are working to keep our roads little free.

While it might make you shrug, driving by trash and other litter on the streets of Castle Rock probably doesn’t top the list of things that concern you during the crazy daily grind. Moreover, it isn’t likely that it will weigh on your conscious enough to cause you to stop the car and pick it up. Luckily, there’s a group of volunteers, with the community in mind, who are stepping up to help dispose of unsightly trash.

Known as the Road Rangers, the volunteer group assists the Public Works Road Crew in cleaning up our local streets. They are people and companies who have adopted an assigned portion of the road to keep litter free. “The group that is adopting a roadway segment will schedule a time to meet with Public Works Staff to review a safety video as well as get a briefing on logistical information,” commented Dan Sailer, Town of Castle Rock Assistant Director of Public Works. Castle Rock Road Rangers

After creating a plan of action, any gear needed for cleanup is supplied by the Town. “The volunteer group is provided (by the Town) with safety vests, garbage bags and some mechanical pickers; a device with a ‘claw’ at one end and a lever on the other,” Sailer noted. The claw acting like an extended hand to help volunteers handle most of the refuse.

And while the collection contains mostly trash, periodically, the volunteers come across dead animals and some other interesting items. “Roadkill is handled by Town staff,” Sailer continued. “However, some unexpected items that have been found in the past have included a lawnmower, toilet, clothes, and lots of mini alcohol bottles.”

Once the litter is gathered and bagged, the Town takes over from there. Sailer remarked, “The Road Rangers leave the filled trash bags on the side of the road for the Public Works employees to pick them up and dispose of them.” Last year alone, their 208 hours of work saved local tax payers $3,300; the cost it would be for Town maintenance employees to do the same job. Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 6.23.11 AM

Besides the humor of the oddities volunteers encounter – along with posting a sign of their organization or company name – Road Rangers can relish in the good feelings associated with keeping the community clean for the community…along with the hope of stumbling on something of worth. “We haven’t come across any diamond rings or cash yet (at least that we’re aware of),” smiled Sailer.

For information on volunteer roadside cleanup in Castle Rock:

Town of Castle Rock
Public Works Department
4175 N. Castleton Court
Castle Rock, Colorado 80109