Ever wonder how certain websites make it to the top of the Google search page when you’re online browsing for something? Who controls page views and makes sure everything on the website works? How do websites even appear on Google? Well the answer is businesses like Castle Rock’s very own Altitude SEO. The SEO stands for search engine optimization, which in layman’s terms means the ranking of which websites appear on the many pages of your online search.

Altitude SEO uses the implementation of Google’s “Webmaster Guidelines” which help find, index and rate websites. These guidelines are put in place to ensure optimal performance in content, quality and technical aspects of each website. The design and content guidelines exist to make sure the website is easily accessible and users can navigate it easily. Some of these guidelines include: use of site maps, monitoring of number of links, checking for broken links and html, and inclusion of words that would be used in a search performed by the user.

The technical guidelines ensure the website will work correctly on the back end. Google’s implementation of technical guidelines make sure different elements like the website will work on different browsers, the CSS and JavaScript are allowed to crawl the website, as well as performance and load times.

When it comes to the quality guidelines, Google is focused on a “user first” performance. Quality control means that the user has a good experience with the website and that means creating a website that is user friendly and putting the user as a high importance priority. Ensuring the webpage is for the user as well as ensuring the user isn’t deceived or tricked is what the quality guidelines are in place for.

Violations to these guidelines which include copying irrelevant content to increase web traffic, participating in irrelevant affiliate websites and use of doorway sites, or sites that just lead the user to another link or page. Violating the guidelines can result in lead to negative impact in Google’s search results as well as removal from search results all together.

Internet search engine optimization is for the website owner, whether it is to increase traffic or profits for a business. Altitude SEO uses Google’s “Webmaster Guidelines” because when it comes to anything on the world wide web, Google is known to be the premier source. SEO and internet marketing is an essential for anyone who has created a website because it helps track and rank among the search engine which allows more traffic to the page.

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