Photo credit: Crowfood Valley Coffee

Following the example set by neighboring municipalities, Town Council made an effort to further support community businesses. Last week, they voted unanimously to simplify the process for those seeking to obtain a liquor license for their establishment.

In the past, businesses had to wait longer periods of time for a license because of things like board member turnover. Events like this not only hold up paperwork, at times, they also cause inconsistency when different sets of eyes look over submitted reviews.

As of April 1st, this Authority position will be dissolved and replaced by a practicing attorney, currently licensed in the state of Colorado, who will serve as the Town’s Liquor Licensing Officer. Having an attorney in this position who knows thing like Colorado beer code and Liquor Code, among other things, will streamline the process.

Interested applicants should visit the Town of Castle Rock Website for a full job description and list of requirements: