VIDEO: Native Colorado Dolphins Return to Colorado


It’s official, the Native Colorado Dolphin has returned to Colorado. Last week, Melanie Barton decided to do some social distancing with a run at the scenic Cherry Creek State Park when she ran into a peculiar site.

Melanie Barton spotted what we now know as the Native Colorado Dolphin at this exact spot in Cherry Creek State Park.

“It was really odd”, said Barton. “I looked out where the fishing boat was in the picture and maybe 200 to 300 feet out were what appeared to be dolphins”, she added.

According to Marine Biologist, Jermaine Summers the Native Colorado Dolphin has not been seen in Cherry Creek for almost 3,000 years. He said the decline of dolphins in Colorado was due to growing pollution in the deep Colorado lake.

“The data for the return of the Native Colorado Dolphin points to social distancing,” said Summers. “The dolphins have returned to Colorado due to the increased hygiene of the state which is a direct result social distancing”, he concluded.