Senior baths

According to the Centers for Disease Control, bathroom slips and falls in and around the bathtub, shower, sink and toilet, caused an estimated 234,094 nonfatal injuries among people in the U.S. over the age of 15, were reported in 2008. Hundreds of thousands of people suffer annually from injuries sustained in the bathroom. As people age or become less mobile, the dangers they face in the bathroom present an even higher risk to their health.

More About Aging Safely Baths Does for Senior Baths

Colorado owned and operated, Aging Safely Baths & More, is a leading market supplier of innovative bathroom safety products. They are committed to facilitating the safest bathing options for every person with restricted mobility. Aging Safely has a team of professionals who strives to find the best solution that serves the unique needs of each of their customers. Whether they are providing walk-in bathtubs, wheelchair accessible tubs, or handicap showers, Aging Safely guarantees the highest quality products at the most competitive prices.

The leading supplier of hydrotherapy walk-in tubs, Aging Safely offers a variety of bathing options to accommodate every person with limited mobility. In helping customers decide which installation is the best fit, their team of experts evaluates everything from accessibility, to the height and weight of the customer to ensure that the bathroom fixture meets the exact specifications to meet all the client’s needs.

Completely natural, hydrotherapy is a form of external therapy that uses water to encourage optimal health. Like hot tubs, hydrotherapy walk-in tubs often use whirlpool-style jets that force water out of them or jet ports that force warm air bubbles through them. Aging Safely offers bathing options that circulates water and applies pressure to enhance the bathing experience of every user. When used correctly, the right form of water can heal and help a variety of health issues. External hydrotherapy is a simple and effective treatment and bathing option. With Aging Safely, customers can enjoy the simplicity and safety in the comfort of their own home.

Aging Safely brings together quality senior baths with innovative healing treatment options to provide the absolute best bathing solutions to those with limited mobility. They ship bathroom safety supplies to the lower 48 states and guarantee the highest quality of service, and customer satisfaction with every purchase. Learn more by visiting this website today at